After the season, for months, I continued looking for affordable sailing boats, asking myself, what type of dinghy I would like to sail. I was considering several aspects: looking for a small boat, fit for single-handed sailing, speed was not prime. I like the slow motion over the water surface, not faster than a walking pedestrian, calmly watching the shore pass. Under rougher conditions my boat should remain sweet-tempered.

An important point would be that my daughter Sonja feels comfortable on the boat, as she loves to be on the water. In previous years (2005-2007) we made excursions on Neuer See in Tiergarten, on 7 lakes boat tour, trips on Spree, Müggelspree, Tegeler See. As Sonja is handicapped I would not like to sail with her and decided for having an outboard motor.

My final selection comprised:







with the first three on my short list and ever changing favourite.

The Ixylon has no centre board casing, offering a large cockpit. The cabin in a FAM opened the possibility to travel around. And, finally, the elegance of the design and mould of the Conger conquered my heart. The name for my boat appeared to me in a dream: Aries, after the zodiac sign of my father, who once had evoked this dream of mine.

In December 2007 I detected my boat in the Internet: it was for sale, waiting for me! I bought it in February 2008 and joined the sailors club Seglervereinigung Havel(external link) (SVH).

In April Carmen helped me transfer my Conger Aries from Lauenburg/Elbe to Berlin/Havel. As the area of my club does not have direct access for cars, we trailed Aries to an adjacent sailing club across the bay, the Klub am Rupenhorn (KaR), which was so kind to let me launch Aries from their premises. Frank offered to haul it over the bay with his Vagabund.