Discovering Berlin waters 2006

The impressive summer in 2006 stimulated long excursions by bike along the remarkable water coast line in and outside of Berlin. These tours made an impact on my perception of Berlin, as I realized the large amount of forests and lakes in and around the city. I remember in particular a trip from Grünau along Langer See (Dahme river) down to Schmöckwitz, then passing the river by ferry and touring back on the other riverside through the Köpenick forest along Müggelberge back to Köpenick, resting here and there for a picnic at the seaside, admiring the boats anchoring in the bay.

Here, and later again, when biking through Grunewald to Lindwerder, an island in the Havel, sitting in the garden of the local restaurant the idea was born to apply for a boat licence, to enjoy the scenery from the seaside. As a boy, I recall having been sailing with my father on lake Kellersee, usually on a Pirat. These memories of old times together with a zeal to discover my new vicinity, let this idea gradually become a desire, which received much encouragement from Carmen. Before long it evolved into plan and action: I applied for a certificate for operators of pleasure craft in inland waters (Sportbootführerschein Binnen). The theory class for my sailing licence was held on six evenings in October, the examination I passed on November 6, 2006.

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