This section is about my passion for sailing and it only covers the period from 2006 to 2013 - it is no longer maintained and has not been migrated to WordPress.

Most of my sailing trips during 2007-2013 are described, how it all started, why I selected my dinghy Aries of class Conger. In particular, the first 150 trips on Aries are documented with hundreds of photos, 85 sailing trails recorded with a navigation device and some flash videos recorded with a Sony camcorder: trip 32+35 (11 min), trip 42+43 (27 min), trip 62 (3 min.), trip 79 (13 min), trip 83 (21 min.), trip 87 (Club regatta, 6 min), trip 95 (20 min), trip 127 (25 min) and trip 130 (26 min). I hope you enjoy. You will perceive sailing as a comfortable sport - but consider, my less comfortable situations definitely have not been recorded ...

After moving to Berlin in 2006, I explored the surroundings on several bike tours and when discovering the Berlin waters a trip down memory lane recalled my sailing trips with my father - half a century ago - and I decided to apply for a sailing licence. My first sailing summer in Berlin revealed my new passion. And after the season I had to look for a boat.

Aries in SVH portMy Conger was built in 1977 and it has always come up to my expectations, I continue to be happy with my decision for this type of boat. In a recent article Conger in METAPOST I describe how to draw top and lateral view of the Conger mould.

Aries in SVH port My first sailing season 2008 with Aries comprised 6 rather short trips (including one capsizing), 13 mid range trips to Grunewaldturm and around Lindwerder, and 5 longer trips to Schwanenwerder, into Wannsee, around or past Pfaueninsel up to Jungfernsee and Lehnitzsee. I also participated in our club regatta.

Between the seasons: Aries in Winter. Some trips with my kids are here: Aries on motor.

In the sailing season 2009 Aries took me on 21 trips near Lindwerder, 12 longer trips to Schwanenwerder, Imchen or Pfaueninsel and 2 very long trips to Jungfernsee and Krampnitzsee.

Aries renovationThe sailing season 2010 was shorter, due to the long winter and short summer. As in 2008 there were only 25 trips: Lindwerder (8), Schwanenwerder (5), Wannsee (4), Jungfernsee (3), Pfaueninsel(2), Kladow(2) and one Regatta. In October Aries was pulled to the slipway to clean the underwater hull. Ten days later Aries was put on its racks on land for the winter season.

The sailing season 2011 started April 2nd with slipping the boats in our sailors club - but not for Aries: through April and May I removed osmotic blisters at the underwater hull and renovated it with epoxy resin paint. Aries was only slipped to water on May 19, resulting in my shortest season from May 23 (trip 86) to September 26 (trip 101).

Starting with the sailing season 2012 I no longer describe my trips in detail, rather some longer ones as Google Maps.

In der Segelsaison 2013 habe ich wieder nur die längeren Törns als Google Map beschrieben (auf deutsch).

Seit 2014 dokumentiere ich meine Segeltörns nicht mehr.

2. Segeltörn 2015 bis Imchen am 29. April (#170) - mit neuen Segeln!

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