Sailing trip 12, May 24, 2008

Trip 12: Lindwerder, May 24

This Saturday Carmen and I went by bike and suburban train to Messe Nord/ICC, from there by bike to SVH. Without motor we passed Stößensee fairly well and arrived at Lindwerder after one hour. The wind ripped us against the dolphins. We enjoyed a sunny day in the garden restaurant with lunch and dessert. Wind NE 3-4 Bft, squally winds up to 5 Bft.

After lunch directly back, at times hardly a breeze, sometimes gusty. In Stößensee calmly hauling in the sails and pulling into the port. Weather was warm in the sun, the tour back was fresh in the shadow. In the harbour it was hot again (in shadow about 22 deg). The screw pins and shackle for the deadman fit well.

Navigation device Magellan Triton 400, May 28

Today I purchased a navigation device: Magellan Triton 400, seen above. Except for the next trip 13 (regatta) I let the device trace my trails and ever since June 2008 I keep my plotted trips.

The general legend scheme for these trails is as follows: 0-2 km/h dark blue, 2-4 km/h blue, 4-6 km/h green, 6-8 km/h yellow, above 8 km/h red. The hull speed for the Conger is 9.3 km/h and can only be surmounted when the wind is rather strong and the boat starts planing or surfing - which is seldomly the case, with its 240 kg (plus me!) my boat is usually too heavy.

Deadman, May 30

This weekend (Friday) I took my deadman to the boat with Sonja and tentatively assembled it to the mast foot. It appeared to be quite stable and fit for the purpose. As it was fairly hot (30 degrees) I did not really lower the hinged mast; a later photo from March 2009 is shown in the gallery above and more photos are in the gallery to trip 73.

Nevertheless, Sonja had fun, we had lunch at the sailor's club and Brutus, the dog, was there !