Sailing trips 31 - 37, May, June 2009

In May 2009 all six sailing trips went up to Grunewaldturm or around Lindwerder. My wife Carmen was twice on board, the regatta I sailed with Jacques. Unfortunately, I shot few photos in May - but you get a video as compensation.

Trip 31: Regatta, May 9

This Saturday the Yacht-Club Stoessensee organized the Freundschaftswettfahrt of four clubs located at the Stoessensee: Segler-Verein Stoessensee, Seglervereinigung Havel, Wander-Segler-Verein 1922, and Yacht-Club Stoessensee. Like last year, I had invited Jacques for the regatta, only this time he was helmsman and I was crew. The windward buoy was placed short of buoy 9 near Grunewaldturm. Wind was S 8-15 kn, temp 14°-18°C, we sailed from 11:00 to 14:20 (22 km).

Trip 32: Lindwerder, May 17

A nice Sunday sailing trip with my wife to Lindwerder (12:15 - 13:30). I did not make photos, as wind was quite good and I was busy at the sails, but Carmen shot a film with her Sony camcorder. At 15:15 Carmen motored us back again.

Temperature was 24° C, wind SE 4-14 kn. I had my Magellan running, only I forgot to start recording, so no trail this time. But here is the short video:

Carmen shot this film with her Sony Camcorder

Trip 33: Lindwerder, May 18

Most of the time west wind, sometimes SW (4-11 kn), so nearly no tacking. The whole distance (12.7 km) in 3.7 h at max 8.8 km/h from Stößensee round Lindwerder and back (14:40 - 18:20). Wonderful the chirping birds from the waterside and at Lindwerder the flying pollen, the water, the air white, like falling snow. Completely different from yesterday. About 22 degrees.

Trip 34: Grunewaldturm, May 19

Wind was blowing from East over South to West, but almost never over 2 Bft (2-9 kn). This tour led up to buoy 11, short of Lieper bay (12:30 - 15) The tour from Grunewaldturm was motored back (15:10 - 15:30). Weather was similar to yesterday, warmer (up to 24 degrees) - feeling like "summer". My boat was fairly hot, I could not walk bare-footed.

Trip 35 + 36 : Lindwerder, May 24 and May 25

This Sunday Carmen and I made a longer tour up to and around Havel buoy 13. Good wind and good weather: blue with white clouds, about 24 degrees, wind 3-4 from SW/W 5-18 kn, from 12:45 to 15:35 (13.7 km). A short part of the trip back around Lindwerder was recorded on the camcorder, included in the movie above (May 17th).

This Monday at rather moderate winds from NW to SW (1-10 kn) under a cloudless sky a similar trail as yesterday. Time 11:50 - 15:50, then wind went down and I motored back from buoy 7.

Trip 37: Pfaueninsel, June 2

There was only one trip in June: on Tuesday after Pentecost, June 2nd, in 4 and a half hours to and around Pfaueninsel (12:30 - 17:00). Average speed 5,5 km/h, top speed at 11,4 km/h, length 25,6 km. Wind enough from NW 6-18 kn. And warm: up to 26 degrees. I did not make photos, so there is only the recorded trail.