Sailing trip 42 + 43, July 28 + 29, 2009

This was my longest trip ever, lasting 2 days.

Trip 42 into Jungfernsee, July 28, 2009

From 13:00-14:00 working in my tiny cabin making a comfortable bunk. Having lunch in our sailor's club, starting on my trip at 14:50.

At winds from W 4-14 (nevertheless small jib, as forecast announced > 17 kn - but it turned out that max was 16 kn), passing Lindwerder 15:50, gr. Breitehorn 16:10, Schwanenwerder at 16:10 gr. Tiefehorn at 16:30, Kälberwerder 16:55 and Pfaueninsel 17:05. Up to Tiefehorn without any tacking. Passing Pfaueninsel several tackings.

At 17:10 running aground a shallow between Schwemmhorn (already this name!) and Stupe Ecke, coming free by hoisting the centreboard and helm and gybing around. Completely passed the west bank of Pfaueninsel by 18:00. I took some shots with the camcorder of the castle on Pfaueninsel and of St. Peter and Paul at Nikolskoe, including its carillon.

From Stößensee to Krampnitzsee and back again

At 18:15 passing Meedehorn, 18:25 Moorlake, 18:40 Krughorn and Heilandskirche, passing then the casino of castle Klein-Glienicke and Glienicker bridge. Finally reached my mooring for tonight at Riesterhorn a quarter to 8. I was in my bunk at 9 pm, passing the night with all those peculiar night sounds of unidentified animals at the near waterside, hearing music under the clear July firmament. In the night it was cold and moist of dew.

Trip 43 to Krampnitzsee, July 29, 2009

Getting up only at 9:30 - at 7 the boat was still completely wet from dew, now the sun had dried the deck. I was awfully missing my coffee. I had planned to take a bath, but overnight the green algae had spread again. So, I hoist the anchor, set sails and by 10 was on my way again towards Krampnitzsee.

Wind today from SE, rather steadily, in gusts up to 16 kn. Today I had set the normal jib. Annoying was the construction noise near Villa Sigismund, the site that I had so enjoyed last year (on my trip 19 into Lehnitzsee). An hour later I was in Krampnitzsee (11:10), ten minutes later in Krampnitz, fine wind in that port, the turning point of my voyage.

Fast was my trip back: 11:40 Lehnitzsee, 12:20 Jungfernsee, 13:20 Heilandskirche, 14:00 passed Pfaueninsel (Schwemmhorn). North of Pfaueninsel I had to tack again, off Kladow straight course to SVH port, passing Lindwerder at 15:00 and arriving at 16:00 in my SVH port.